IP Transit

Premium Bandwidth at Excellent Prices

Our network is multi-homed and fully redundant. We bring in multiple fiber cross connects from each carrier to minimize downtime. In addition to redundant carrier connections, we utilize redundant network equipment to keep your data safe. Uptime is the only option.

Gigabit Ethernet ports are included at no additional charge.

Bandwidth at two major datacenters in Los Angeles

  • Entry Tier
  • $15 per Mbps
  • 1-9 Mbps
  • An introductory service level plan for our customers
  • Standard Tier
  • $10.00 per Mbps
  • 10-100 Mbps
  • Designed to suit your needs at a reasonable price
  • Advanced Tier
  • Request Price
  • 101-1000 Mbps
  • Contact us for further information regarding this level of service

About Us

We were founded in 2005 by Kiet Chau and Tuan Chau and are headquartered in La Jolla, CA.
We love to design and maintain custom server and network integrations tailored to our customers needs

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